Growing up is a challenging time for children and their parents. It can be confusing to navigate this new phase in life, in relationships and society. We have come together, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and a Registered Nurse, to help work with families to educate and communicate.



  • Susan has been working in the behavioral mental health field for over 23 years. She has worked as a childhood consultant for preschools, day cares and elementary schools. She has run social skills groups for children, Mom’s group and Men’s group for single dad’s raising their children. Susan is trained in play therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, DBT, family systems, couples and family counseling, psychodynamic therapy and teaching mindfulness. For the past 14 years Susan has been in private practice specializing with preteens, teens and adults. Susan has a passion for helping families and couples through all phases of life, from birth to death. She was trained in a Family Systems Approach and is certified in Prepare Enriched, to help couples communicate. Susan incorporates all aspects of life in her therapies, from communication, education, movement, music and heath and fitness.



  • Wendy has wanted to help others since she was a small child and has been working in the healthcare field since she was 19 years old. She has worked in every area of medicine before becoming a Registered Nurse over 14 years ago. From her years as a Labor and Delivery Nurse to her current role as a Middle School Nurse, she has developed a passion for providing compassionate care. Her mission is to educate others about their bodies and to help break down complex medical situations into clear and easy to understand phrases. Wendy has become an expert in educating women of all ages, including her three daughters, about topics in health and wellness.

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